Home Products Auditorium Seating

Home Products Auditorium Seating


- Polypropylene outerback
- Ergonomic backrest and contoured seat cushion
- Hardwood armrest with writing tablet housing
- Vented polypropylene seat pan
- Strong steel structural support

Outer back
- One-piece, injection moulded, high impact polypropylene outer back with textured surface for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
- Recyclable and eco-friendly

- Ergonomic sculpted backrest with right lumbar support enhances comfort.
- Cold-moulded high resilient foam for superior lifespan(Foam raw material provided by BSF-Germany-base Company)
- Foam density: 50kg/m3 • Foam hardness: 60°±5°
- Cushion thickness: 120 mm (4.7”)
- Optional two different back pleats

- Contoured seat cushion for superior comfort
- High impact polypropylene seat pan for ease of maintenance.
- Foam density: 50± 5kg/m3
- Foam hardness: 60°±5°
- Cushion thickness: 100mm (3.94”)
- One-piece, injection moulded, high impact polypropylene seat pan


- Imported hardwood armrest, 30mm (1.18”) thick
- Upholstered end panel
- Optional housing writing tablet
- Available in PU armrest

Other optional features
- Rear/front mount cupholder
- Row/seat number plate
- LED aisle light • Movable base
- CA117 fire-retardant finish on fabric/foam

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