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Shipping Time: 6-8 weeks

Maya Workstations  for operative solutions, creating an optimal use of space. Can be used as rational filing cabinet. 

Front skirts made of bilaminate chipboard 30mm. of thickness.
Table tops made of bilaminate chipboard of 25mm. of thickness.
Sides and reception shelf made of chipboard 19mm melamine. of thickness.
There are end and intermediate laterals manufactured in 19mm bilaminate chipboard. of thicknessStraight edges with 2 mm PVC heel. thick.
The sides and front apron incorporate levelers made of black non-slip thermoplastic with regulation of 20 mm. in height.
The shelf is attached to the front skirt in the desired position by the client by means of direct screws to wood. Is shelf incorporates two laser cut metal sides of 10mm. thick finished in aluminum-colored epoxy paint, white or black.
Table height 730 mm. and 110cm shelf
The legs incorporate a leveler made of thermoplastic black non-slip with 25 mm regulation. on height.
Both legs are joined through a bilaminate skirt which also joins the structure to the envelope.

Divider Panels 
They can be manufactured in 19mm melamine. of thickness, 6mm matt safety glass (3 + 3) or upholstered in any upholstery of group 1 (consult prices for other upholstery groups). Incorporate top corners rounded.
Metallic panel support finished in colored epoxy paint aluminum. Fixed to table with M6 screws and to panels through prisoner.
There is the possibility of placing separator panels on table using a similar fitting and fastening it to the envelope the table in the position indicated by the client by means of a M6 screw.

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